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About Us

Lubbes Trust strives for effective delivery of specialized services and advice to clients in the fiduciary services sector (estates, trusts, wills) with the aim of optimal and realizable results, while the highest standardsof integrity and professionalism are maintained.

We Specialize In

  • Administration of deceased estates
  • Analysis and trial estate administration
  • Planning and preparation of wills
  • Facilitating, monitoring and implementation of estate plans
  • Drafting of contracts, including anti nuptial contracts, buy-and sell agreements, deeds of sale and lease agreements
  • Registration of trusts, amendments of trust deeds, amendments of trustees and administration of trusts
  • Registration of new companies and amendments of directors

Mission & Vision

Lubbes Trust (Pty) Ltd strives to provide effective, professional and knowledgeable advise, planning and administration of deceased estates, trusts and Wills. In doing so, we aim to continuously improve our service delivery, keep up to date with the latest fiduciary laws and regulations and sustainability maintain and increase our market share of professional and affordable service delivery to our loyal clients and associates in the industry.

Company Directors & Staff